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The People’s Postal Rescue Campaign

The postal service is under threat. COVID-19 has caused revenues to plummet while simultaneously increasing costs, compounding deeper fiscal woes. Some in the government want to use the crisis to privatize this essential service.

Millions rely on the USPS for vital medicines. The post office is a lifeline in rural communities. Today it employs over 600,000 Americans and more than 100,000 veterans. These jobs are on the line.

And at a time when voters fear gathering in person at polls, 34 states – Republican and Democrat-controlled alike – now allow no-excuse voting by mail. Without a U.S. Postal Service, there is no vote-by-mail.

#StandByYourMail is dedicated to getting the word out about the importance of the U.S. Post Office. Will you join us and share your testimonials, your pictures, your videos – and your enthusiasm for Americans’ overwhelmingly favorite federal agency?